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"On a summer's evening there's no lovelier place in Ireland...sample from one of the most creative menus around...keep the mood of shameless indulgence going, and arrive by boat if you can - it's like being in a foreign country"

See what a top Swiss gourmet food magazine wrote about their recent visit to Wineport - complete with Chef Feargal's exclusive recipes; German, French, Italian.

 "Wineport's situation couldn't have looked more spectacular......a waterside retreat with an emphasis on wine. Fantastic place, great view, fabulous bedrooms... well worth a visit if you want to spoil yourself."

Mary Dowey - Irish Times

"Ray and Jane... are restaurateurs, that art form which has become so neglected over the last 15 years, the signature style here is that of the restaurateurs, and it runs all the way from the brilliant energy they gift to the room through to the apposite design of the new bedrooms in the lodge ...a little piece of heaven"

John McKenna - author of The Bridgestone Guides

"The sheer beauty and tranquillity of the site, plus its proximity to Dublin make it a natural choice... Romantics will want to savour their complimentary half bottle of wine on the balcony,

watching the sun set."

AM:PM Hospitality Magazine

"Extraordinary wine, the food...really thrilled my palate... it's a great experience... sorry to leave

the delights of Wineport Lodge."

Paolo Tullio - Food & Wine

"A must for ...people who appreciate the

stimulating marriage that takes place between fine wine and good food at its best."

Westmeath Independent


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